2012 Global Finance Conference - Chicago, IL, USA

2012 GFC Schedule 
The 2012 GFC eProceedings is now available for download.
2012 GFC Schedule
The 2012 GFC Schedule is now available for download.
2012 GFC Program
Revision 4.2
The 2012 GFC Program is now available for download.


The 19th Annual

Global Finance Conference
Chicago, IL, USA - May 23-25, 2012
Call for Papers/Proposals

The Global Finance Association-Conference (GFA-GFC) shall continue its tradition of bringing together scholars, practitioners and policy makers to exchange and advance their scholarly findings. The theme of Conference is Financial Crises, Systemic Risk & the Future of Capitalism.”

 DePaul University is the host and Dr. Karim Pakravan shall serve as the 2012 GFC Program co-Chair. Palmer House-Hilton has agreed to offer deeply discounted rates of $149.00/night to the GFC attendees. Please make your reservation by May 5, 2012, by calling 1-877-865-5321 or online < http://www.hiltonfamilychicago.com> and do mention our Group Code: GFC. Please submit your papers or proposals electronically by January 30, 2012 in four (4) categories:
1. Competitive Papers: Complete paper submitted by deadline; considered the Best Paper Awards.
2. Work-in-Progress: Abstract submitted by the deadline; paper is to be completed by Conference date.
3. Proposal for Panel, Workshop, Tutorial.
4. Doctoral Students Papers: One of the top awards is for this category.
Please submit your paper or proposal electronically via the Global Finance Conference website. The first page shall contain the title, track identification and authors' name, affiliation, address, e-mail, phone, and fax. The body of the paper shall not have any author identification and must begin with the title of the paper and abstract. Authors of accepted papers may submit a two- page detailed abstract for the 2012 GFC e-Proceedings. The top six papers presented at the Conference will be competitively awarded and would be considered for publication in a Special Issue of the Global Fianance Journal. Kaufman Foundation has tentatively agreed to provide financial support of up to $1000 to scholars whose paper in Entrepreneurship has been accepted and presented at the 2012 GFC.


Asset Allocation/Country Funds/Hedge Funds/ETFs
Banking & Financial Services/Investment Banking
Country Risk/Debt Issues/Insurance/Reinsurance
Corporate Governance/Executive Compensation
Education/Curriculum/Distance learning
Entrepreneurship/Venture Capital
Emerging Markets & Privatization
Ethics/Social Responsibility/Legal Issue
Financial Accounting, Regulation & Taxation
Financial Crises: Causes, Impacts, Solutions
Derivatives/Financial Engineering/Structured Finance

Financial Information Technology & Systems (FITS)
Foreign Currency Issue - Euro Zone Crisis
Global Imbalances & Sustainability
Interest-Free Banking/Islamic Finance
Market Behavior Efficiency/Inefficiency
Multinational Financial Management
Sovereign Debt - Euro Zone Financial Crisis
Market Integration and Interest Rates
The Future of Capitalism
Volatility Transmission & Risk Management
Valuation/Pricing/EVA & MVA
Working Capital & Treasury Management


KC. Chen
Ali Fatemi
Anthony Herbst
Karim Pakravan
Manuchehr Shahrokhi

Cal State Univ - Fresno
DePaul University
Univ. of Texas - EL
DePaul University
California Stat Univ.

Fresno, CA, USA
Chicago, IL, USA
El-Paso, TX, USA
Chicago, IL, USA
Fresno, CA, USA





Reena Aggarwal
Manuek Rocha Armada
Giovanni Barone-Adesi
Elijah Brewer
Huifang Cheng
Krishnan Dandpani
Prakash Dheeriya
Cheol S. Eun
Iraj Fooladi
Michael Frankel
Keith Gamble 
Dilip Ghosh
Animesh Ghoshal
Ulrich Hommel
Ahmad Hosseini
Bjom Johnson
Shahriar Khaksari
Yong Kim
Tadeusz Kowalski
Jose Liberti
Arvind Mahajan
Jamshid Mehran
Ihlan Meric
Austin Murphy
G.N. Naidu
Ehsan Nikbakht
Edgar Ortiz
James Owers
Ali Parhizgari
Sunil S. Poshakwale
Ghon Rhee
Yochanan Shachmurove
Dirk Schiereck
Adam Szyszka
Ali R. Touranirad
Gautam Vora
Gordon Walker
Jacky So
Hart Will
Demir Yener
Yeomin Yoon
Georgetown University
Universida de-do-Minho
Institute of Finance, UNSI
DePaul University
Zhejiang Univ. of Technology
Florida Int'l University
Cal State University
Georgia Institute of Technology
Dalhousire University
WHU Koblenz
DePaul University - Chicago
Gulf University-GUST
DePaul University 
EBS Business School
Gulf University - GUST
DePaul University
Suffolk University
University of Cincinnati
Poznan Univ. of Economics
DePaul University
Texas A&M Univ
Indiana University
Rowan University
Oakland University
Illinois State University
Hofstra University
Georgia State University
Florida Int'l University
Cranfield University
Univ. of Hawaii
City College - CUNY
European Business School
Poznan Univ. Econ
Auckland Univ of Technology
New Mexico State Univ.
La Trobe University
Univ of Macau
University of Victoria
Seton Hall Univ.
Washington, DC, USA
Chicago, IL, USA
Hangzhou, China
Miami, FL, USA
Dominguez Hills, CA, USA
Atlanta, GA, USA
Halifax, Nova Scotia, CANADA
Koblenz, GERMANY
Chicago, IL, USA
Kuwait, KUWAIT
Chicago, IL, USA
Wiesbaden, GERMANY
Kuwait, KUWAIT
Chicago, IL, USA
Boston, MA, USA
Cincinnati, OH, USA
Poznan, POLAND
Chicago, IL, USA
College Park, TX, USA
South Bend, IN, USA
Glassboro, New Jersey, USA
Rochester, MI, USA
Atlanta, GA, USA
Long Island, NY, USA
Mexico City, MEXICO
Atlanta, GA, USA
Miami, FL, USA
Cranfield, UK
Honolulu, HI, USA
New York, NY, USA
Frankfurt, Germany
Poznan, Poland
New Mexico, USA
Melbourne, AUSTRALIA
Macau, CHINA
Victoria, CANADA
New Jersey, USA
  Dr. Karim Pakravan
GFC 2012 Program co-Chair
Faculty of Finance
DePaul University
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Dr. Manuchehr Shahrokhi
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